Team Building


No matter what kind of team you’re involved in, there’s nothing like learning to work together, communicate effectively, and experience the challenge and fun of working as a group to solve a problem.

Will your team escape before the time runs out?

You’re in a room together with a strange selection of objects, none of which make any sense at first at all. Your team must work together to solve the clues and escape, all in 60 minutes.

Adventure Room’s escape rooms are challenging enough for teams of all kinds, and a brilliant way to encourage people to work together.


It's a fun activity for your group!

  • Creative Problem Solving

    Escape rooms encourage participants to use their creative thinking skills in a whole new way, and to think laterally in order to solve the problems.

  • Working Together

    Help team members forge new connections and open up new conversations with people they may not generally connect with.

  • We Handle Everything

    No need to fuss the details. Show up, relax, and get ready to enjoy the escape room challenge.

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The aim of the game is to find the final key!

The final key is hidden deep within the room, behind puzzles, obstacles and locked doors. Step-by-step your team must work together to uncover the secret codes, keys and combinations before time runs out.

  • Standard Escape
    2-7 Players

    Allow up to 90 minutes for standard game bookings, with 60 minutes of game play, an introductory briefing and team photo at the end. Standard games are ideal for couples, families, friends and other smaller groups on the hunt for a fun and new experience in Adelaide.

  • Duel Adventure
    8 to 14 players

    Your group will be split into 2 teams and play 2 x 30 minute halves TEAM A v TEAM B Team A will start in the first section of the room and Team B in the second.
    Team A will try to catch Team B Team B will try to escape before they are caught Teams will have 15 minute break after the first half. Teams will then return to the rooms in swapped positions, where THE HUNTER BECOMES THE HUNTED.



Standard Escape

No. of PlayersPrice (Per Person)

Duel Escape

No. of PlayersPrice (Per Person)
8(4 vs 4)
9(4 vs 5)
10(5 vs 5)
11(5 vs 6)
12(6 vs 6)
13(6 vs 7)
14(7 vs 7)


  • 8-60 Players

    “We had so much fun for my best mates bucks party. To be honest it was the best time I have had in a while as a group. Can’t wait to go back to try more rooms”. I think think this amazing review from one of our bucks parties says it all!

  • 8-60 Players

    Stuck for a birthday party idea? We take the hassle out of organising it. So, come and have some fun, be popular with your friends, and dress up afterwards for a big group photo.

  • 8-60 Players

    Make your next school excursion an opportunity for some real team-building and communication practice with an escape room!



What is an escape game? Are we actually locked inside?


This is an immersive, rather intellectual, team game in which you are voluntarily locked in one of our themed rooms. You must solve your mission with the ultimate goal of finding a key or equivalent to escape.

We encourage you to immerse yourselves in the experience, but you are in no way trapped at any time.

Do we absolutely have to book in advance?


We highly recommend booking in advance to secure your spot and guarantee availability. However, we do accommodate walk-ins whenever possible so you can still try your luck if you decide to drop by.

Can I modify the number of players after I have made the booking?


Normally that’s fine however, we always advise that calling ahead is best so we can make sure there is plenty of time and room for you.

How old do participants need to be?


Our games are best suited for players aged 16 and above, however children aged 5-15 are more than welcome to play but must have an adult as a paying, participating player on their team. In the case the booking is a Duel Format, there must be a playing adult in each group (minimum 2 x playing adults for duel bookings). All participants aged 5+ must be included in the group size, however children aged 4 years or younger may attend with adults free of charge.

Where is Adventure Rooms located?


Level 1 and 4, 51 -53 Rundle Mall Adelaide. You and your team will need to enter on Rundle Mall through the elevator between Sportscraft and Sketchers Shoes (opposite Rundle Mall Plaza). The closest multi story carparks available are UPark Gawler Place (north side of Rundle Mall) or Rundle Place Carpark (south side of Rundle Mall).

What should we bring?


Bring your team, or partner, and your problem solving skills, and that’s all!

Can I buy Gift Cards?


Yes you can! Gift cards are a fantastic idea for the people that have everything. You’ll find them on our Games page, or click here.

Do you have a bar?


We have a bar for players to enjoy before or after their game. The bar is open on level 4 during normal staffed hours. We stock a selection of pre-mixed spirits, beer, wine, cider and of course soft drinks. Please note that staff will not serve drinks within 20 minutes of your game starting time and reserve the right to refuse service in the event that you’re deemed intoxicated. View our bar menu here.

Are your games wheelchair accessible?


Yes, our building has a lift and our games are designed to be wheelchair friendly or can be modified slightly to ensure everyone can play. For wheelchair accessible games, we recommend booking The Black Queen, Speakeasy, and Mafia.

Who can participate?


Adelaide’s Adventure Rooms are perfect for groups of any type who like to use their brains and communication skills to work together. In no way are our games physical in nature so they appeal to all people. They are a perfect outing for corporate team building exercises, and more!

Which game format and room themes are most suitable to my corporate group?


The Duel Adventure format is unique to Adventure Rooms and designed for groups of 8+ players! It is perfect for larger groups such as corporate events, school excursions, and birthday parties. Groups are split into 2 teams and compete against each other (within the same game) in a cat-and-mouse style game. Team A attempts to escape while Team B tries to catch them before they are able to escape. After 30 minutes the roles are reversed and the chaser becomes the chased. There is a 10-15 minute break half way for the staff to reset the game and is always a great time for banter between teams.

All of our games are suitable however if we had to pick we would suggest The Mad Scientist, The Black Queen, and Gaol Break. All are on level 1 of our store, suitable difficulties and great for large groups.