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Australia’s Real-life Escape the Room Game.

A fun and engaging live escape the room experience, perfect for groups of 2-56 people. Your team is locked in a room with hidden and mysterious objects. With only these objects as clues, you have 60 minutes to escape. What was once so obvious, is no longer as it seems. In Adventure Rooms you must think outside the square.

Only 30% of our teams escape...

Will you?

  • Swiss designed.

    Originally the creation of a physics master in Bern, Switzerland, Adventure Rooms have become extraordinarily popular with tourists, students and other groups looking for an entertaining and thrilling experience in Melbourne’s CBD.

  • Now Australia’s ultimate entertainment experience.

    With two convenient locations, in Melbourne’s Bourke Street, and Little Collins Street, Adventure Rooms is the ideal experience for those hunting for something new, different and most importantly great fun in Melbourne.

The Adventure Rooms room escape experiences challenge you to work efficiently and effectively as a team.

This makes Adventure Rooms a fun outing for couples, friends, families, students and tourists. The Adventure Rooms duel format is a completely unique and popular experience for large events, sporting teams, tourist groups, corporate team building events and high school excursions.

Which game will your team choose?

Whether you need to escape a dark castle and escape the Black Queen, complete the experiments of a mad scientist, or using your teamwork skills to outsmart a gaol warden, you’ll be captivated by the Adventure Rooms experience.

All our escape rooms are challenging, yet achievable. Will your team make it out before the time is up?

Some of our awards & Recognition

The Ultimate Team Building Destination

Experience the thrill of adventure together. Adventure Rooms will take your team out of their usual working environment and create an experience that leaves your group feeling closer, challenged and accomplished as a team!

  • Effective Communication

    No matter what you do in your regular life, we promise that this experience will be nothing like your team has faced before. Everything may be important, and may be a clue, so you’ll need to communicate and listen to one another like never before.


  • Creative Thinking

    Every mind thinks differently, which is so important in Adventure Rooms. There can be a million different ways of approaching a situation, and by working together and communicating well your team is likely to find the optimal solution, and escape!


Standard Escape

No. of PlayersPrice (Per Person)

Duel Escape

No. of PlayersPrice (Per Person)
8(4 vs 4)
9(4 vs 5)
10(5 vs 5)
11(5 vs 6)
12(6 vs 6)
13(6 vs 7)
14(7 vs 7)

are your ready to escape the rooms?

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What is an escape room?


Escape rooms are an immersive, team-based game where you are invited to use your lateral thinking skills to solve the mystery in one of our themed rooms. The goal of your mission is to find the key that allows you to “escape”.

Are we really locked in?


No. You are free to exit at any time, whether you need a toilet break, a bit of fresh air, or a break from your team mates. We encourage you to immerse yourselves in the experience, but you are in no way trapped at any time.

Do we absolutely have to book in advance?


We highly recommend booking in advance to secure your spot and guarantee availability. However, we do our best to accommodate walk-ins whenever possible so you can still try your luck if you decide to be spontaneous.

Where in Melbourne are you located?


We have two locations only a 5 minute walk from each other, Basement, 306 Little Collins Street, Melbourne (you and your team will need to enter Causeway Lane (between Bourke St Mall and Little Collins Street) and find Causeway House), and also our new location in Level 1, 168 Bourke Street Mall. The games at our Little Collins Street store include; The Mad Scientist, The Black Queen, and Gaol Break. Our Bourke Street store hosts our newest game The Abandoned Cabin and 2 more new games coming soon!

Who can participate at Adventure Rooms?


Whatever type of group you can imagine…Adventure Rooms are a fun and unique outing for families, friends, bucks nights and hens nights, birthday parties, tourists, date nights, pre-dinner activity, going away parties, corporate team building, and more. We also welcome teachers and lecturers with students for an interesting class outing.

Is there a minimum age requirement?


Our games are best suited for players aged 16 and above, however children aged 5-15 are more than welcome to play but must have an adult as a paying, participating player on their team. In the case the booking is a Duel Format, there must be a playing adult in each group (minimum 2 x playing adults for duel bookings). All participants aged 5+ must be included in the group size, however children aged 4 years or younger may attend with adults free of charge.

Do you accept other people who haven't booked with a group? Or what if someone can no longer make it?


Normally that’s fine however, we always advise that calling ahead is best so we can make sure there is plenty of time and room for you!

How does the Duel Adventure format work and should I book it for my group?


The Duel Adventure format is unique to Adventure Rooms and designed for groups of 8+ players! It is perfect for larger groups such as corporate events, school excursions, and birthday parties. Groups are split into 2 teams and compete against each other (within the same game) in a cat-and-mouse style game. Team A attempts to escape while Team B tries to catch them before they are able to escape. After 30 minutes the roles are reversed and the chaser becomes the chased. There is a 10-15 minute break half way for the staff to reset the game and is always a great time for banter between teams.

Can I buy Gift Cards?


Yes, Gift Cards are a fantastic idea for birthday or Christmas presents, or any other time as well. You can purchase gift cards here.

What should I bring?


Bring yourself, your team or partner, your best problem-solving skills, and a willingness to have some fun! The great thing about Adventure Rooms is that it’s not physical so you can come straight from work, before a dinner or before a night out.

Are your venues accessible by wheelchair?


Yes, at Basement 306 Little Collins Street our building has a lift and all our games are designed to be wheelchair friendly. However, unfortunately the building’s lift is currently undergoing a compulsory upgrade and therefore will not be wheelchair accessible at this time. At 168 Bourke St, unfortunately this building does not have a lift – access by stairs only. For wheelchair accessible games, we recommend booking The Mad Scientist, The Black Queen and/or Gaol Break at 306 Little Collins Street.