Hen's/Buck's Parties


Unleash your inner detective and embark on an unforgettable adventure with your wedding tribe! Visit our exclusive and thrilling escape rooms, tailor-made for an unforgettable Hen’s  or Buck’s party experience.

Create lasting memories as you work together to overcome obstacles and celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Why settle for an ordinary night out when you can embark on a thrilling escape room adventure? Our carefully crafted scenarios will transport you and your group into a world of mystery, where you’ll face mind-bending puzzles, intricate clues, and race against the clock to solve the mystery before time runs out.

Our escape rooms are designed to cater to hen’s and buck’s parties of all sizes, ensuring that every member of your group can participate and contribute to the excitement. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or a first-time adventurer, our rooms offer the perfect blend of challenge and enjoyment for everyone.

Why not try a duel adventure, guys vs girls?

The Duel Adventure format is designed for larger groups. It allows teams to compete against each other in a cat-and-mouse style game. This way Team A has to escape while Team B attempts to catch them before they are able to escape. After 30 minutes the roles are reversed. There is a 10-15 minute break to reset the game.

Duel adventures are perfect for teams of 8-14 players or groups of 15+ players. Talk to us if you have a larger group that you’d like to cater for also.


Get to know your wedding guests in a whole new way

  • Creative Problem Solving

    Don your detective hats and immerse yourselves in a wild adventure. Escape rooms are a fantastic way to test your problem-solving skills and learn more about how your friends think.

  • Working Together

    You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience in order to participate in an Adventure Room escape. No matter your walk of life, you can enjoy the challenge of an Escape room.

  • We Handle Everything

    Once you’ve made your booking all you need to do is show up, and we’ll make sure you know everything you need to know.

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The aim of the game is to find the final key!

The final key is hidden deep within the room, behind puzzles, obstacles and locked doors. Step-by-step your team must work together to uncover the secret codes, keys and combinations before time runs out.

  • Standard Escape
    2-7 Players

    Allow up to 90 minutes for standard game bookings, with 60 minutes of game play, an introductory briefing and team photo at the end. Standard games are ideal for couples, families, friends and other smaller groups on the hunt for a fun and new experience in Adelaide.

  • Duel Adventure
    8 to 14 players

    Your group will be split into 2 teams and play 2 x 30 minute halves TEAM A v TEAM B Team A will start in the first section of the room and Team B in the second.
    Team A will try to catch Team B while Team B will try to escape before they are caught. Teams will have 15 minute break after the first half. Teams will then return to the rooms in swapped positions, where THE HUNTER BECOMES THE HUNTED.


Standard Escape

No. of PlayersPrice (Per Person)

Duel Escape

No. of PlayersPrice (Per Person)
8(4 vs 4)
9(4 vs 5)
10(5 vs 5)
11(5 vs 6)
12(6 vs 6)
13(6 vs 7)
14(7 vs 7)


  • 8-60 Players

    We take your team out of the usual working environment and provide an exciting and safe experience that will leave your group feeling closer, challenged and accomplished as a team!

  • 8-60 Players

    Looking for an exciting birthday party idea, or even just a night out with friends? Whatever it may be kick the party off at Adventure Rooms by escaping one of our amazing games followed by a drink at our bar!

  • 8-60 Players

    Help your students form new friendships, and improve their teamwork and communication skills with our captivating escape rooms, guaranteed to provide an unforgettable school excursion!



What is an escape game?


Escape rooms are an immersive, team-based game where you are invited to use your lateral thinking skills to solve the mystery in one of our themed rooms. The ultimate goal of your mission is to find a key (or equivalent) to escape.

Do we absolutely have to book in advance?


Not exactly! We are booking by appointment business, however, you can always try your luck and if we can accommodate a walk in then we will do our best.

Am I actually trapped in the room?


Of course not! You are able to exit the game at all times through designated emergency doors.

Is there an age limit?


Our games are best suited for players aged 16 and above, however children aged 5-15 are more than welcome to play but must have an adult as a paying, participating player on their team. All participants aged 5+ must be included in the group size, however children aged 4 years or younger may attend with adults free of charge.

What do I need to bring?


A team (or partner) and your problem solving skills, that’s all!

Where is Adventure Rooms located?


We have two locations only a 5 minute walk from each other, Basement, 306 Little Collins Street, Melbourne (you and your team will need to enter Causeway Lane (between Bourke St Mall and Little Collins Street) and find Causeway House), and also our new location in Level 1, 168 Bourke Street Mall. The games at our Little Collins Street store include; The Mad Scientist, The Black Queen, and Gaol Break. Our Bourke Street store hosts our newest game The Abandoned Cabin and 2 more new games coming soon!

Can I buy Gift Cards?


Yes! Gift cards are a fantastic and popular present idea. Click over to our booking page, and the last item on the list is the Gift card link. Click here.

Are your venues and games wheelchair accessible?


Yes, at Basement 306 Little Collins Street our building has a lift and all our games are designed to be wheelchair friendly. However, unfortunately the building’s lift is currently undergoing a compulsory upgrade and therefore will not be wheelchair accessible at this time. At 168 Bourke St, unfortunately this building does not have a lift – access by stairs only. For wheelchair accessible games, we recommend booking The Mad Scientist, The Black Queen and/or Gaol Break at 306 Little Collins Street.

What happens if I have less players or extra players than I first booked for?


Normally that’s fine however, we always advise that calling ahead is best so we can make sure there is plenty of time and room for you!

Do you sell food and drinks?


No we don’t, but we are smack bang in the middle of the city with great bars and restaurants all around us! Ask our friendly staff on site and we are sure they can recommend some great places for before or after your booking.

Is the Duel Format Adventure suited to my group?


The Duel Adventure format is unique to Adventure Rooms and designed for groups of 8+ players! It is perfect for larger groups such as corporate events, school excursions, and birthday parties. Groups are split into 2 teams and compete against each other (within the same game) in a cat-and-mouse style game. Team A attempts to escape while Team B tries to catch them before they are able to escape. After 30 minutes the roles are reversed and the chaser becomes the chased. There is a 10-15 minute break half way for the staff to reset the game and is always a great time for banter between teams.