Adelaide’s Real-life Escape the Room Game.

A fun and engaging live escape the room experience, perfect for groups of 2-84 people. Your team is locked in a room with hidden and mysterious objects. With only these objects as clues, you have 60 minutes to escape. What was once so obvious, is no longer as it seems. In AdventureRooms you must think outside the square. After you escape celebrate with your team over a great range of drinks in the Adventure Rooms bar. 

Who should play?

Work Teams & School Groups

Teamwork, bonding and problem solving skills are the key to your team’s success and our games showcase this in an extremely fun way.

Family & Friends

Whether you are planning your next group party or simply after a different sort of date-night, AdventureRooms is the perfect activity to be experienced with those closest to you.


Need a break from all your winery tours? AdventureRooms is waiting for you on the bustling Rundle Mall.

Gamers & Enthusiasts

Looking for a real-life escape room that will challenge even the most hardcore gamers? Only 30% escape AdventureRooms - will you?!

The Mad Scientist

This is the original AdventureRooms game that has been enjoyed in over 20 locations world-wide.

Started and designed in Bern, Switzerland, AdventureRooms invites you to step inside the house of an ingenious mad man. Inside, you will need to finish his crazy experiments and get inside his mad mind…If you ever escape.

The Black Queen

When entering The Black Queen you must use your senses and think like royalty!

You and your team will find yourselves locked inside a dark castle.
Each clue you discover will allow you to better understand the Black Queen and know how to defeat her.
You must make your way through the castle and find the key to escape before the 60 minutes is up…or she will find you.


Gaol Break

Gaol Break is the ultimate teamwork experience. You will be locked in the cells above Rundle Mall.

The only way to reclaim your freedom is by trusting your team mates and testing your creativity, communication and problem solving skills.
Your team must work together and think like criminals to uncover the hidden secrets of the gaol. Find the keys and outsmart the warden to break out and be free.



You have been captured by the mafia and are being held at their headquarters.

The Big Boss has called a meeting to decide on how to “deal with you”. Escape seems impossible, but you must try. You have one hour to escape before they return and reveal your fate…


The Speakeasy

It’s the summer of 1922.

There’s rumors around the town about an illustrious “whispering pub” where it’s said fantasies and dreams you didn’t even know you had come alive. Only a select circle of the beautiful and powerful has access to this exclusive bar- and you and your friends are invited. But be aware! The bar and its secret are in danger: the hilarious parties and illegal activities of the Speakeasy society are a thorn in the side of the police.

Can you get access to the bar and unravel the green fairy’s secret before the police arrive?

The Abandoned Cabin

A thunderstorm surprises you and your group of friends during a picnic in the woods.

Earlier you had passed a creepy old cabin, seemingly abandoned and uninhabited for many years. As the storm picks up you make a run for the shelter of the cabin but just as you step up to the front door you realise…maybe this cabin isn’t completely abandoned after all!

Standard Escape

2 to 7 players

Allow up to 90 minutes for standard game bookings, with 60 minutes of game play, an introductory briefing and team photo at the end. Standard games are ideal for couples, families, friends and other smaller groups on the hunt for a fun and new experience in Adelaide.

Duel Adventure

8 to 14 players

The Duel Adventure format is designed for larger groups. It allows teams to compete against each other in a cat-and-mouse style game. This way Team A has to escape while Team B has to try to catch them before they are able to escape. After 30 minutes the roles are reversed. There is a 10-15 minute break to reset the game.

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