Train Your Brain with Adventure Rooms

Train Your Brain with Adventure Rooms

First and foremost, attempting to escape one of our three uniquely themed rooms is ‘fun’, ‘exhilarating’, ‘something out of the ordinary’. The list of adjectives to describe us is getting longer, but one thing that remains is our customers walking out smiling – whether they successfully escaped or not – which is our primary business goal.

But apart from having a blast, Adventure Rooms offers customers a huge amount of mental stimulation. While it isn’t the first thing you think about after an hour of problem solving, lock-picking and teamwork, the cognitive benefits are overwhelming.

Researchers have highlighted the importance of problem solving in the rehabilitation process for people with brain injuries. Decoding tasks are implemented with astounding results to regenerate neurological stimulation. This has transcended into the wider population and problem-solving tasks are now recognised as a key tool in cognitive growth and performance.

So, where can you find a bunch of stimulating puzzles to solve and codes to crack? Adventure Rooms of course!


How we help your head

Removes mental stress

When you enter one of our rooms, your brain has no choice but to switch off everything else it may be thinking about and focus on the task at hand. Negative thoughts are left outside, and replaced with excitement and anticipation, giving participants an escape of their own, within an escape…


Improved memory function

One skill you’ll be calling on repeatedly during your Adventure Room escape attempt is short term memory. Clues, riddles, patterns, objects, areas, colours – almost everything within our rooms require your ability to decode and retain information. Practising this extensively in our sessions is adaptable to everyday life tasks. Come and test the strength of your mental connections!


Here’s to feeling good

When you feel euphoric, you don’t really think about the scientific chemical reasoning behind it. Participating in an engaging activity in a collaborative environment combined with the satisfaction of solving a problem(s) results in your body releasing ‘dopamine’. This chemical is a neurotransmitter connected to mood levels, concentration ability and improved general brain functions. Adventure Rooms encapsulates this scenario, leaving you feeling good long after you unlock the door.


Heightened creativity

Adventure Rooms gets the creative juices flowing. The old saying “think outside the box” is never more relevant if you want to get out in under 60 minutes. Lateral thinking to get past barriers and obstacles is essential. The great thing is that even by getting a piece of the puzzle incorrect, you are one step closer to the correct answer, which you will find by thinking creatively. This improves general life and work problem solving skills by approaching a situation from numerous angles to find the best solution.


Better your brain

You may have heard the myth that the average person only accesses 10% of their brain’s power? Human’s use nearly 100% of our brain over the course of a day. Despite the myth being busted, training your brain to perform more efficiently is possible. Escape the room sessions help harness the limitless possibilities that your brain possesses. You’d be silly not to make the most of your mind! After all, it is the most complex and important piece of you.


Adventure Rooms encourages healthy minds, so book your escape attempt and try it today!

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