Team Building ideas for Your Business

Team building events and activities are a brilliant way to re-energise a team and bring them closer together. There are a number of different events and activities available for business owners and managers to consider, however it’s important to think about purpose and goals that you want the exercise to achieve.


There is little doubt that teams that work well together can bring about numerous benefits for a business. The term teamwork refers to fostering respect, trust, encouragement amongst members, enthusiasm, caring and finally, social harmony within the group.


Trust is a very important part of building an effective team. Patrick Lencioni wrote a book titled, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, where he labels an absence of trust as an underlying building block which is necessary for creating harmony and an effective team.



Team building can be a great way to build trust within teams. By focusing on activities that would normally not present themselves in the work environment, employees get a sense of team accomplishment and by working together to overcome tasks and problems.

How to Start Team Building

If you are a manager, executive or team leader, the easiest way to start is to simply ask the team what type of activity they would like to take on? For example, do they want to undertake some learning to build skills that are relevant to the work they perform, or would they rather focus on a fun activity that takes them out of the work environment. Make a short list of preferred activities and then look at costs, likely effectiveness and required outcome.

There is a stack of free games out there that will allow you to create your own team building exercises and run them in house. Simply google terms like; “free team building games”, and “effective team building games for corporates” and you should find what you’re looking for.


The more time your team spend together on non-work related tasks the more likely it is that they will develop a strong personal relationship. This all helps build trust which we know is the main building block of an effective team.

Types of Activities

Personality Based Team Building – focuses on each team member understanding their personality type and then looking at how they can best communicate with other team members.

Activity Based Team Building – team based fulfillment of difficult tasks.

Skills Based Team Building – team building where we look at building relevant work skills as a group.

Problem Solving Team Building (our favourite) – Usually performed outside of the office and the group will need to work closely together to solve complex tasks.

Get Out of the Office

If you do choose to look at some external team building activities, try Australia’s only escape room. A large range of corporate team building options are available. Adventure Rooms offers a safe experience and will leave the group feeling closer, challenged and accomplished as a team!

Talk to us today and good luck with your team building.

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