Melbourne’s Haunted History

Melbourne’s Haunted History

At Adventure Rooms, we thrive on challenging the mental resolve of our customers on a daily basis. Now that our Melbourne branch is fully operational, we think it’s fitting to look at the city’s intriguing history regarding all things creepy, spooky, and surprising (which are recurring emotions our customers endure, in the best way possible!).


Did you know, the bustling Queen Victoria Market is built upon Melbourne’s first major graveyard? Surely the buzz of the busy daily dealings isn’t allowing the 9,000 buried there to rest in peace. Try not to disturb them next time you go to pick up your weekly fruit and veg…


Melbourne is home to some seriously spooky unsolved murders. In fact, since the 1940’s, there are about 280 murders that remain unsolved. Maybe if you crack our puzzles and escape one of our rooms you’ll have the mental power to solve a cold case and claim the reward? Maybe not, but still – there is currently $12 million on offer in relation to 37 unsolved crimes!


The Old Melbourne Gaol is a definite hotspot for undead activity. 135 inmates were hanged here, along with Ned Kelly. The Gaol’s museum housed Kelly’s skull until it was stolen in 1978. Some that were executed were believed to be innocent, such as Colin Campbell Ross, whose pleas for innocence weren’t heard and was hanged in 1921, only to be posthumously pardoned in 2008. If there are ghosts here, the dark history of this place ensures they won’t be the friendly type.


Perhaps some of the creepiest places are those where there are no tours, no public access, just the unknown of what remains inside. On the outskirts of Melbourne, Larundel Mental Hospital has a notorious reputation amongst amateur paranormal investigators, who have reported sounds of children crying and eerie music playing on Melbourne’s chilly nights.


Despite these dark tales, modern Melbourne is a fantastic place, full of fun things to see and do. So, come visit us at Adventure Rooms and test your resilience and mental strength in one of our three unique settings, sure to test even the strongest souls.

Book an Adventure Room today, and see if you have what it takes to escape (only 30% do…)



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