Adventure Rooms – The Rise of Escape Rooms

In the past few years, escape rooms have become an increasingly popular activity among friends and colleagues, becoming a sought-after platform for team building exercises and recreational purposes. The increase in demand has generated a multitude of escape rooms in Australia – all sharing the simple concept of working as a team to solve a variety of puzzles/clues to get out of the locked door in front of you.

The overwhelming popularity of this activity is due to the expanding audience type. While initially targeted to host birthday parties and tourists, this form of entertainment has become suited to virtually anyone. Groups of friends, families, couples, birthdays/events, end of year celebrations, or just to try something different – Adventure Rooms is for anyone willing to open their mind to an unfamiliar yet thrilling experience. The corporate world is also taking advantage of escape rooms, employing them as an enjoyable team bonding technique to increase co-operation skills between employees.

Initially, escape rooms consisted of a few simple puzzles, easily solved with some logically applied thinking. Nowadays, rooms require abstract thought processing and collaboration to solve the more complex, advanced brain benders that Adventure Rooms offers. Each room contains its own central theme, evoking unique emotions as you work against the clock to escape.

With social interaction heading increasingly towards a digital tendency, Adventure Rooms is a refreshingly unique experience. It allows us to get away from the screen and forces us to call upon our instinctive social skills. This is the compelling factor that leaves all who attempt to escape talking about it afterwards, whether they were able to get out or not.

As demand for this challenging, yet rewarding form of entertainment increases, so is Adventure Rooms. We have locations in Rotarua (NZ), Adelaide and have now expanded into Melbourne, opening in April 2017.


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