Find the clues. Solve the puzzles. Escape.


Find the clues

Solve the puzzles


Adventure Rooms.

Australia’s Real-life Escape the Room Game.

A fun and engaging live escape the room experience, suitable for groups of 2-14 people. Your team is locked in a room with hidden and mysterious objects. With only these objects as clues, you have 60 minutes to escape. What was once so obvious, is no longer as it seems. In Adventure Rooms you must think outside the square.

Only 30% escape…will you?!

Swiss designed.

Originally the creation of a physics master in Bern, Switzerland, Adventure Rooms has quickly become hugely popular with tourists, students and groups looking for an entertaining and thrilling experience.

Now Australia’s ultimate
entertainment experience.

Conveniently located in the cultural heart of Adelaide’s Rundle Mall and Melbourne’s Bourke Steet Mall, Adventure Rooms is the ideal experience for those hunting for something new, different and most importantly great fun!

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work.”

– Vince Lombardi

The Adventure Rooms escape the room experience challenges you to work efficiently and effectively as a team. This makes Adventure Rooms a fun outing for couples, friends, families, students and tourists. The Adventure Rooms duel format is a popular and exciting destination for sporting teams, tourist groups, corporate team building events and high school excursions.

Standard Escape Room
Game: 2 to 7 players

Allow up to 90 minutes for standard game bookings, with 60 minutes of game play, an introductory briefing and team photo at the end. Standard games are ideal for couples, families, friends and other smaller groups on the hunt for a fun and new experience in Adelaide.

Duel Adventure:
8 to 14 players

The Duel Adventure format is designed for larger groups. It allows teams to compete against each other in a cat-and-mouse style game. This way Team A has to escape while Team B has to try to catch them before they are able to escape. After 30 minutes the roles are reversed. There is a 10-15 minute break to reset the game.

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