Adventure Rooms – Your Next End Of Financial Year Party

Adventure Rooms – Your Next End Of Financial Year Party

Does your company or business have a budget for an annual end of financial year party? Sick of doing the same old thing, year in year out? Do you find yourself standing around talking about the same old things you discussed in the office? Then this year is the perfect chance to change things up.

You don’t need a swanky venue with exotic cocktails or panoramic views on a rooftop (it’s the middle of winter anyway) to have a successful EOFY party.

ADVENTURE ROOMS may just be the solution to your corporate party problems.

Let’s explain how we can tick all your boxes

  • It’s interactive : We can guarantee that there won’t be any dull, work-related conversations taking place while your attempting to escape one of our three uniquely themed rooms. Groups of up to 14 people are welcome to come alone and try to win office bragging rights.
  • Teamwork is essential : You may call it an EOFY party, but at Adventure Rooms, you’re actively engaging your fellow co-workers to work together in a productive manner to reach a targeted goal. Yes, these co-operative skills are applicable to the workplace environment.
  • Location – Adventure rooms has recently opened a Melbourne branch, located right in the heart of the CBD at 306 Little Collins Street, so it is highly accessible to all businesses.
  • Cost-effective : Compared to hiring an entire venue and having to put on food and drinks, Adventure Rooms is an inexpensive, yet highly rewarding option.
  • Something Different : It may not be the typical boozy party that you are used to throwing, but it will be a work party you’ll remember forever! (unless the after-party gets out of hand).
  • Fun : Sometimes in all the madness, this aspect is sadly forgotten when organising EOFY parties or events. Adventure Rooms is thought provoking, intense, challenging, but most importantly, it’s fun.

Remember if you’re thinking about it EOFY parties now, you don’t have much time left to organise things. Booking early is the only way to prevent disappointment! Finalise your numbers and contact us today.

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