Adventure Rooms – Corporate Team Building

Adventure Rooms – Corporate Team Building

The modern workplace is unfortunately becoming less of an interactive environment than years past due to the shift towards digital communication. Contemporary businesses now have employees who struggle with establishing healthy – and necessary – relationships with fellow workmates and consequently, effective collaboration is at an all-time low. Also, just like the schoolyard, cliques are formed within organisations, leading to negative effects on other employees and overall business productivity.

Employers are now searching for new, exciting ways to improve employee relations. Gone are the days of boring, ineffective seminars and exercises (e.g. the classic “trust fall”), as we’ve come to realise that these often cringeworthy methods of bonding fails categorically. Often the same employees catching each other or attending a seminar will go back to work, continue not talking to one another and forget the whole thing by the next day.

The easy/affordable answer to corporate team building? ESCAPE ROOMS.

Escape rooms are an increasingly popular method that corporates are using in place of former, ineffective procedures. While initially targeting tourists, students and birthday parties, the business sector has fast become one of the main target groups of ‘escape the room’ franchises.

So WHY escape rooms?

Unlike arduous team building presentations and pointless tasks, escape rooms focus on team oriented goals that requires practical, strategic planning through participation.

HOW escape rooms work:

  • Escape rooms have a shared purpose of achieving ubiquitous team goals.
  • Requires innovative thinking through persistent participation.
  • Draws on people’s instinctive social skills to meet goals.
  • Forces usual ‘followers’ to step up and become ‘leaders’.
  • No judgment throughout the process.
  • Requires creative thinking and effective communication (teamwork!)
  • Places importance on working together and encourages unconventional thinking.
  • Is an engaging, interactive experience.
  • Most of all – it’s fun!

So once the fun and games are over, how do the lessons learned transcend into everyday workplace relations?

The entire experience becomes a talking point in the office. Employees discuss the exciting situation which triggers further communication and forms memorable working relationships. Escape rooms also challenges employee’s everyday thinking. It forces people look at things from a different perspective through collaboration, which is a relevant and practical skill in most workplaces. It helps break down various social barriers for a more inclusive, positive work place. People are more likely to ask questions or communicate if they don’t feel threatened or judged by fellow employees. A constructive, interactive experience like an escape game breaks up unhealthy, repetitive workplace behaviours, stimulating communication and productivity throughout the workforce.

The end goal is obviously a more effective, positive workplace with interactive employees to make the business wheel turn. Escape rooms are a proven platform for developing employee relationships while increasing morale and overall performance.

So the question remains. . .

Can YOUR team Escape?

To book an Adventure Room, contact us today.

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